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I bought this projector based on the fact that the bulb was rated for 4000 hours. After only ~500 hours the bulb failed. I called Epson who assured me that the problem was fixed as they've switched manufacturers and they shipped me a replacement under warranty.

After ~500 hours on the replacement bulb, it failed as well. I called Epson and even escalated the call to a supervisor and they offered me no solution but to purchase a replacement bulb for $300. I asked them why I would give them $300 for a replacement when two out of two bulbs that I had used thus far only lasted ~500 hours. Further, I asked how I could trust their word that the issue was fixed since this is what they told me the first time the bulb failed. Epson switching bulb manufacturers obviously did not fix the issue. Do not believe them when they tell you this.

It appears that what happened here is they were sending me these defective bulbs and were stringing me along until my warranty was up. I told the supervisor that his unwillingness to do anything resulted in Epson losing a customer forever. I also assured him that I would review the product and share my unfortunate story. Lastly, I am pondering suing them in small claims court for false advertising just out of principle.

If you want to buy new bulbs every 5oo hours at $300 a pop then this is the projector for you! Buyer Beware.