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Just return my epson 3020 to bestbuy ,problem,trace of white hallow, like the menu of ARMAGEDDON when i m watching john carter in 3D!!!!!!!!Lot s of crosstalk too!!!!This week i recived my w1070 ,at first 10 pounds less, ouf,a more stable image in 2D at second,for the whites,with the new firmware ,1.7,no problem for 720 up to 1080p/60hz or 24hz support with BD player or pc nvidia 330M card!!!!3d got lot of deep but less pop ,and the image is darker if you dont play with the settings, you have to put the contrast up to 77 and turn off the color booster!!!!!then the brightness is more accurate to natural environnement!!!!D ont pay 99$ pair of 3D glasses ,go at and look for w1070 reliable glasses,cost (4 pairs) delivered in 3 days from china 124.99$ all included!!!!!!and they work better than the benQ one!!!!!!and at least the price!!! i ve saved 850$$$ the 3020 was 1648$ plus tax and the the w1070 854,99$!!!!!so dont think longer,,,,,,,go ahead make your self that gift !!!!!!IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY FOR 6000 HOURS!!!!!in eco mode!!!!!HOURRA