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I just wanted to add the already growing list of great feedback. I recently moved, and upgraded my living room furniture and didn't want to rehang my unsightly Elite projector screen (which was free with my purchase of an Epson PowerLite Home Cinema

I took the advice in this article, and I was floored after the application of the primer coat only. I may not be as picky as some readers here, but I am an avid movie watcher and actor, and I have a full home theatre system. So I have an appreciation for a quality viewing experience. Anyway, I am currently renting and I cannot sand the walls without expecting to pay a large penalty upon moving, so I followed all the instructions except for any major modifications to the surface.

It's day one after completing the project, and I cannot believe the quality of the image. It's 100 times better than my Elite. I wish I had done this sooner. I was even able to get a decent picture with the blinds closed while the sun was out. This was not previously possible with my Elite. I can see the light texture of the wall when the image is very bright or all white (mostly when I have my laptop hooked up because web pages have lots of white, I realized).

All that being said, I couldn't be more satisfied. Well worth the $88 dollars I spent a Sherwin Williams. I may give away my Elite screen at this point. Not only is the image better, I am not restricted to the 120" screen size. I painted a screen that is a little over 140" diagonal (approx. 122" x 69"). This project was so easy to do and these detailed instructions were awesome.

It's great to see such a great article at an age when I am so skeptical of easy solutions and at a time when the web is so full of misinformation and empty promises.

Thanks, Evan & Project Central!!!! You guys are awesome!