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I just want to thank you for this article. I was recently given a Epson VS-330 and have been projecting it onto my existing living room wall. While it was certainly an improvement over my aging 40" LCD set, I was a bit disappointed in the picture quality. It just looked a bit pale and washed out and required a darker room than I had hoped. I wrote that off to the fact that the VS-330 is not designed as a home theater projector.

Then I came across this article and decided to try painting that wall. It's like having a completely different projector now. The colors are right, the picture is sharp and clear, it works in a room with ambient daylight now better than it did in a darkened room at night, and the video has a vibrancy that I hadn't even hoped to see with such an inexpensive setup. Thank you so much for testing the different paints and posting this! Between the paint, drop cloths, roller and a pan and masking tape I probably spent less than $50. If it had cost me 4 times as much it would have been worth it.