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So far I am very happy with my BenQ W1070. I did notice a bit of "rainbow effect" when I first installed it, but after a few weeks my eyes have adjusted enough to where i have to look for "rainbows" and pick them out.

I have it set up on the ceiling about 10' away from a Visual Apex 100" drop down tensioned screen with a 5.1 surround sound system. I'm really happy with this set-up. We mostly use the W1070 for viewing DirecTV. DirecTV looks good, Sports look great, Movies in DVD look good. Blu-Ray movies look amazing.

We have used the BenQ W1070 daily for the last 7 months without any issues. I have done a few brightness and color adjustments for daytime and nighttime viewing. Fan noise is minimal enough where it doesn't bother me. I have not had the need to really do a full and complete color calibration. I still haven't bought any 3D glasses yet either.