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Hi, looking for some setup advise!

First, I don't own this PJ yet, having it shipped from the UK. Will mostly use it for movies.

Second, the setup: - self built 170" screen, gray paint... - room easily and completely light proofed. - PJ is ceiling mounted. - distance from PJ to screen is 4.32m (14'2") (got that from the calculator and will calibrate if required). - seating at 5m (16'5") from screen and less (the room is 4x5m).

Third, the questions: - is this setup achievable (screen size/image quality)? - I'm not sure how the 3d glasses communicate with the PJ, do they need direct line of sight like IR remotes? or is it more like Bluetooth or WiFi? I'm asking because the PJ is going to be above and in front the glasses while operating, will that work? - any other concerns, other than RBE warnings and other PJ suggestions?

thanks a bunch.