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Bought this product yesterday and it looked pretty good in the store. I have a samsung note 2 which I had with me. I wanted to make sure it worked on it before purchase. The sales person helping me tried to connect my phone and the projector together but it did not come with micro connector for my phone. He then said the usbcharger cconnector I use to charge it should work because the projector has a usb plug. Well in the end I bought it when I went home it would not connect. I full charged both projector and my phone and tablet still it would not connect. Finally I called the store and they said samsung phones and tablets do not work on it because samsung does not have a setting to send the vid out. There apparently has to be an output option you have to select to connect the signal. I looked all over both my samsung tablet and phone and it is true I don't have that feature. So frustrating, what upset me more is that this store is not close to me and I have to pay toll to get there. When I called the person on the phone was not the one who helped me but was the one in the background telling him why it wouldn't connect. When I complained and said when I was there yesterday you guys said it would connect his response well im not the one who sold it to you. Really, wow poor service. Although yes im irritated that I feel like I wasted my time trying to get this to work, and now I have to waste more time and money returning it all he had to say was our appologies the prod did not work for you.