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I have had this projector for a little over a year and have about 4500 lamp hours on it, first OEM lamp it came with. I have been extremely satisfied with it have it rear mounted. The 3d quality of this projector is outstanding. Although I have not updated the firmware for fear of bricking it I do have a small issue with SBS 3d from my cable box as it is the 1.5 firmware version, if you get a newer one you will be golden.

I have it on a book shelf directly behind me on top of a small tilting laptop table which works great to point it down to my pull up 120 inch screen. I do use the keystone option and some offset but it looks fine and I am not a stickler for a little softness in the screen as I really can't see much of it.

I have used it primarily as a tv replacement in my home and for the $800 bucks I paid for it online, I would never go back to a regular tv. I can control the light in my living room and have left it in smart eco mode with never an issue. It just looks great. I hardly ever go to the movies anymore as I just love my popcorn machine and having my snacks at home and 3d capabilities there as well.

You won't be disappointed; I can fill a 120 inch screen from about 12'3" back about 6'5" behind my couch on top of a book shelf directly below my ceiling fan which helps to cool the projector as well.

The first time I hooked it up to my 3d bluray player I was simply blown away, my Xbox one looks awesome and playing battlefield 4 on 120 inches is an experience my old 73 inch tv will never match. I will cherish this projector until 4k 3d is a reality. For now I will keep a spare lamp in on my self and use smart eco mode to see just how many hours I can generate. I run it about 6-8 hours min daily.

Just my quick review.. The colors are wonderful and the range of connections are perfect for me as a first time home theater projector with all the options I could ask for. My apple tv works great and looks fine. 3D aplenty and the remote while a little low on options is fine for what I need it for. A great projector at the best price for HD, and 3D for small to medium sized living room. My friends and family are wowed every time.