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Actually your thinking Milliaseconds. Sorry about that. but DLP is Microseconds. not milliaseconds. 33Microsconds is Fast as a input Device. you are going to experience Perfect controller Feed back.

so when the review says MSec in Caps He is talking about Milliaseconds Which LCD and TV can do.

But this Projector is not that. is more of a Uni Second projector. So Frames are superfast. which -msec zone under 0 actually its under centaseconds.

33 ms is Laggy for Gamers. in Milliaseconds this is microseconds. Basically to Fast.

the BenQ W1080ST you have is 33microseconds. this is a 14 Microsecond Projector. I have never got any Controller lag from this Projector I own one. and I have owned a Optoma Game Time 750e Projector its never laggy at all. actually I tested it with the Neo-GeoX where people had Controller Problems There is was to damn Perfect. even on a NES or Super Nintendo or older consoles. It just works. even on PC gaming No Lag.

and you heard this from a gamer who owns both of those Projectors. Your not going to get any Lag with a 33 Microsecond Projector of Input Times. Your Lag with the controller is not there. It depends on the person and how fast he can React to the Video games on the screen.