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Great article!

I'm torn between the Epson 2030 and the Benq HT1075. It seems the Epson might be a little better in my case, given that 1. I'm a gamer so need lower lag, 2. the bulbs are cheaper, and 3. no rainbow effects, BUT given I'll be ceiling mounting it to a fixed screen I understand the Benq with it's vertical shift would be much easier to position well - and I've read that the fan is quieter. I understand the Benq is rated VERY highly by most everyone in this price range - but I think the rainbow effects would bother me.

My room is a fairly dark room - not dedicated but there's only one corner window (floor to ceiling) that has black out blinds. I'll be viewing it on a 100" screen from about 10' away.

Given my parameters would the 2030 be a better projector?