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Hi Bill,

Long time reader, first time commenter.

Great review, and after waiting a long time to upgrade (I have a Sanyo PLV-Z2, on the original bulb after 8000+ hours!) this projector looks like a top contender. You mentioned the 5030 a few times, and for me I'm torn between a projector at this price point and one at the low $2000's like the 5030. I'm curious about how you'd compare just picture quality between the 3000 and 5030. Ambient light is a small concern for daytime, but at night we have a pretty dark setup so the deeper blacks on the 5030 could really make a difference. I've read so much about how contrast is king (above all other specs) and to some extent have been wowed by LG's OLED panel when seeing it in person, though I know I want a projector. So

1) I wonder if the PQ upgrade is worth a full $1000 more.

Also one request is to include more in your content about timing of releases for those of us waiting for the perfect time to buy... e.g.:

2) Do you expect a 5030 successor next year at CES or CEDIA? 3) Do you think the UHD projectors might drop in price in 2015 as dramatically as UHD panels did in 2014? (So many portable devices are focusing on ultra-high PPI so I have to imagine those small LCD panels for projectors are a target for manufacturers.)

4) Lastly, you've mentioned that your input lag test changed, but we don't yet know by how much. Is it possible to test (perhaps just one) projector with both methods so that we can get a rough percentage to error correct the older reviews? (Also the method used isn't necessarily specified in the review.)

Thanks for all the great work and fantastic reviews! Best projector site I've found by far.