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Great article. I have a good tip for those looking to paint a surface and not the wall. I went to my local home depot and had them cut a sheet of vinyl flooring. They come in 12 foot rolls and they will cut it however long you need. I built a 115" screen so I went with a 5' section. The trick is to find a laminate (vinyl) with a smooth backing. There were many that fit this billing. I cut it and stapled it to the wall and was very impressed with the improvement simply on the white backing which had a slight grey tint. I wanted the color to pop more and experimented with several white paints. The latest was a valspar semi matte finish and it produced a lot of glare and hot spots. Honestly, so far the best image was the non-painted backing of the sheet of laminate. I am going to Sherwin Williams tomorrow to buy the paint recommended here and will update my results.