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Personaly I don't doubt at one time this was a very solid suggestion. But I would like to mention a couple of things.

For the recommended paint to work well, we are talking a perfectly prepared screen. I know it is mentioned, but since you are using a reflective paint, it is absolutely true.

IMO with today's higher lumen projectors I recommend going to your local store who sells paint and get their whitest white in Flat Interior Enamel. This will be much more like your LCD/Plasma screen, so much more forgiving on screen prep, which can be far from perfect using flat paint. Easy to prep and paint and be done. The picture is stunning, not glossy, just solid wow. If you are a silver fan, same idea in the shade you like. I don't believe we need gain, in many cases we are knocking down the brightness as-is.

IMO this can be done for right at $20, with roller, pan, tape and quart of paint and about 15 minutes. Perhaps two coats, depends on where you are starting at, but 1 or two coats when done, it will dry perfect with no spots, if possible project an all white screen to inspect any blemishes.