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In 2002 I painted a piece of MDF, trimmed to 48" X 85 3/8" (97" diagonal, 16:9 ratio) with Sherwin Williams tint base and hung it on my home theatre wall with an easy-to-level French cleat. Standing clear of the back wall by 1 1/2" It looked so good with an added sense of 3-dimensionality that the planned border was never added.

I am now on my 3rd generation projector and electronics, and have never felt any desire to upgrade my screen.

I strongly recommend this method, with the caveats listed - but would add another: If you are planning to move, just leave the screen in place as a value-add for the next owner or tenant. It's too much hassle to move. Explain it to the landlord who can sell it as a feature to prospective tenants. Another friend did just that and the landlord loved it.