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Chuck - I humbly beg to differ with Evan's opinions on the brightness of the 6500UB (which is the one I have). I have a light-controlled basement theater with a white ceiling and light carpet, but medium to dark red walls (looks nicer than it sounds!). So I have fairly good light control. I'm running the PJ at close to maximum throw (which reduces brightness). Even in LOW lamp mode on my 106" 16:9 DaLite High Contrast Matte White screen (gain is 1.0) Theater Black 1 was plenty bright. I may not be a "brightness hog," but I certainly found it enjoyable.

I ended up using Natural mode because I could get the calibration more accurate (testing among AVS users appears to bear out Natural as better than TB modes), so I'm pushing a *little* more light than Theater Black, but not by a lot. Using any brighter mode hurts my eyes - that's how bright the 6500 is.