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Regarding Frame Interpolation, my understanding is that if you turn this feature ON--especially the 3-frame version on the AE-3000, you must adjust your audio gear to insert a delay in sound processing to match the delay of the audio processing.

This is fine, but my question is this: If you have to adjust the audio delay every time you turn the projector's FI ON or OFF, are people really going to constantly switch from one to another? Maybe new receivers can be programmed to deal with this automatically, but I suspect most people would have to adjust this manually every time they activate or deactivate FI. If so, I suspect that people will either use it 0% or 100% of the time to avoid regular reconfiguration of their sound system.

So I think this type of system has to either be good enough that it can be used 100% of the time, or it is a non-feature.