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I just picked up this projector, and it's been amazing. Even viewing during the day in my living room with tons of light penetration this thing is still view able and passable for playing games. Yes the Iris can be loud, but that can be turned off. Yes the blacks are not that super inky black that you'd get from a much more expensive projector, but all in all this is an awesome projector for the price. Also there's no way you could get something to look this good at a screen size 100"+ for less than the price.

Using a 0.8 gain screen from carls place, projecting to almost 140" from about 16' away.

My only issue is lack of audio output from the 3020. It has HDMI Link, and it shows that I can output audio to my AV system. When I set it to use the AV system though I have no audio. Does this actually support HDMI-ARC, or do I need to break out some RCA's and run them to my HTIB? It'd be a shame to have such a great screen but everything be forced into 2CH on my sound system. Does anyone know if this supports ARC over HDMI, or when you set the audio output to AV system it's only going over RCA?