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For the person asking a comparison between the Epson 2040 and the BenQ 1075, my personal opinion is that the 2040 wins. I have not seen the 1075 in person, and I don't get to test EVERY projector out there, but the 1075 does not have any features or value that make me even want to look at it. First thing is that it's DLP, and I'm one of those people that are annoyed at the rainbows from the color wheel. Granted, the 6x wheels are less noticeable for me than the 3x, but I still see them, and that is very distracting. Also, the contrast ratio is very low on the 1075. The 2040 does not have a good contrast ratio either, but the specs show 3.5x increase over the 1075, and that's pretty serious. I don't believe that the 1075 utilizes frame interpolation (and I'm also one of those that love it... I hate the choppy look of 24-30fps "cinema" frame rates), and it has double the response time for lag; it's not BAD for lag, but it's double that of the 2040. And they are the same price-ish. So you're not gaining anything from the 1075, and you may actually be losing out with it. Basically, in my opinion, my experience, and the things I'm interested in, the 1075 does not even make me look twice and I see no reason at all to choose it over the 2040.