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Just installed an Epson 2040 to replace an aging BenQ DLP unit. Paid $700CAD through a very fortuitous Costco dot ca sale.

Pro: Colour, saturation, brightness and sharpness are outstanding, even in eco mode, even in "natural" color mode, and the reduced input lag is a tremendous win (we use our PJ for action games probably the majority of the time it is on).

Con: Black levels are slightly worse than the old DLP but tolerable. Fan noise is more bass than treble but acceptable in eco mode; it would be distracting at normal brightness. Iris noise is an objectionable rattle so I have disabled it. The negative offset is a minor annoyance.

I am about 4/5 stars with this unit. Happy with my purchase given the price I paid but I am a little worried I'll be second guessing myself next year. But that's technology for you!