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Hi Chris, I thought the black levels were poor when I initially got mine-the fact that I'm projecting on to a white screen in a room with white walls/ceiling probably doesn't help either.I've since fixed a 52mm ND2 filter to the front of the projector using the 'Blutac method' with very impressive results. Black levels much improved albeit at the expense of some (minimal) shadow detail.The ND2 filter is supposed to reduce light input by half but it's barely noticeable to the naked eye in a darkened room-the picture remains very bright with no colour distortion you might expect from a filter.

I picked up mine (Hoya but most probably fake) for £9 from Fleabay so I'd expect it to cost in the region of $15-20 in Canada but you can spend up to $60-80 on better quality ones.Get a glass rather than plastic one and avoid the variable ones-its definitely worth the investment.
(04/24/19 - 05:49 PM PST)
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