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Kris & Travis - Kris thanks for the great idea on using the ND filter. I happen to have a high quality glass ND4 that I never use for my DSLR. A little more light reduction than your ND2 but it seems acceptable. Tried it out last night with some sample material and going to mount it (going to try the "blutac" method you described) tonight. Good improvement to black levels and some reduction in shadow detail like you mention, but appears to be promising so far.

Travis - I'm using a grey screen in a 100% light controlled room. I used some sample white material before deciding to go with the grey. I found the white to seem too "bright" myself so opted with the grey to improve black level (honestly not sure how effective since I'm in a light controlled room but I went on theory anyhow). And as you can see above I'm going with Kris' idea on using an ND(4) filter. Seems to be the perfect combination. I think the minor "hack" using the ND filter to reduce light output is well worth the balance of features this projector offers for the money.

I guess you can argue my colour accuracy/shadow detail is compromised slightly but I don't think most people are going to notice, especially if you don't at least do a calibration using DVE or similar material. You're probably farther off in any case.