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I'm thinking the way to go is buy a sheet of drywall at the store either at the size you want or cut it to size, then screw a mount on the back with very short screws(or get thicker drywall) and cut a 2x4 down into a mount and build another mount for the wall and now set in place. Most imperfections in walls are from drywalling, if you aren't a professional it is hard to get drywall right, it takes practice applying and a few tricks and the right touch to smooth it. Even then as the drywaller, you notice the imperfections. A sheet a drywall though won't have that issue and will come nearly perfect, and then you just paint on it(again, if you aren't a professional you may need practice to get it nice. There is a reason there are professional commercial painters that aren't just kids with spray cans.)

Of course typical sheets are only 4' x etc so it can be limiting, but would be fastest/cheapest for best job.