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I use two Epson 2040s in my home theater with a cinemascope screen. One projector is for 16:9 viewing and the other for scope viewing. Both are ceiling mounted. My screen is 158" scope. This translates into a 126" diagonal viewing area for 16: 9 material. The projector for this is 11.5 feet from the screen. The other projector for 158" scope material is 17.5 feet from the screen using a longer drop tube. The two projectors are in line one behind the other. Only minor keystoning is involved for the closer projector. The closer projector is run in ECO mode while the projector for scope material is run in normal mode, resulting in similiar brightness for both types of viewing. Each projector has its own power strip so only one projector is on at a time. Also I can use the same remote for both projectors.

The results are excellent and I do not have to adjust for lens shift, which is good since the 2040 does not have lens shift. Whatever material I choose to watch I am ready for with this CIH setup.

Yes, I know, I'm using 2 projectors, but the cost is much less than other solutions for a Constant image height setup. I do not have to zoom or have an anamorphic lens. The 2040 is a very good projector and the price is right for 2 of them.

I really like my setup but if someone wants to give me an Epson 5040 with motorized lens memory, I'll take it.