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I would like to share my experience on painting this screen. I looked all over the internet trying to find a solution painting a screen. I wanted near perfect results, and this project has provided just that. I have read the comments and would like to offer some help, and advice. I have followed the direction to the letter. My outcome was as stated near perfect. I would encourage anyone taking on this task to read the entire article, and follow the process in witch they have came up with. I think where most people came into their problems was not following the direction. Or not buy the paint in this article. I say this because I hear mentioned of using other paints. That's fine but do not expect the results to render the same. If you differ from the direction. With that said all I would add is USE A FOAM ROLLER. It is the most important part of the application process. Buy good materials to do this project. The cost is so low don't low ball yourself buy a few dollars on material cost to get unhappy results.