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A couple things...

First, I saw comments about using a foam roller vs. the 1/4" nap roller. I decided to ask the 'experts.' At Home Depot, the guy said, "foam." At Sherwin Williams, the girl said, "1/4 nap." So, I bought both to test it. The difference is very slight, but both my daughter and I thought the foam roller gave a smoother finish.

However, in looking at the areas I painted to compare, I saw how many 'dimples' still exist in the surface (not from scratches or dents in the wall, just from the drywall texture). And, I'm talking about the painted test strips, not just the primer areas. I've sanded several times, using 100, 150, 180 and 220 grit paper. The wall feels smooth, but with the right light you see all the sanding has smoothed the drywall texture, but not removed it. I am wondering how noticeable it will be. Which, I watched a couple things (a football game and a movie) after priming the wall, before painting and it looked good. That wasn't as smooth as the areas I painted to test. ... I'm only doing a 95" diagonal 1.85 screen. I'm wondering if I should go with a sheet of MDF. That would be very smooth.