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In regards to Steve's comment concerning true resolution. The end result is the only measure that really matters. In the last generation of high end CRT projectors the best of them were clearly capable of HD but this was achieved with essentially three rays painting one line at a time in each of the three tubes. The ray did this so quickly we only saw a complete image. The new TI chip does something similar. The confusion is in what the device actually does. LCD and LCOS have no moving parts and if you look directly at them you could see the actual image. This is a limitation that requires these panels to have the number of pixels that they are displaying. The DLP devices are not limited in that way. The micromirrors move at high speed. They can put a pixel image anywhere within their range of movement. So if a single mirror moves fast enough to create two pixels in the time frame needed and we perceive it as two pixels the end result of this device is 4K.