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Sounds similar to how PS4 pro can create 4K video ... compute higher resolution than 1080p and then upscale from there to 4K. Long ago, immersive visual display systems for some pilot training simulators used interlaced video. An artifact that could result was called "entrainment" where a small object moving across the screen could dissappear when traversing one raster line every 1/60th second (the object would not be in the image being displayed for multiple frames in a row. i.e. Located in the even field when odd field lines are displayed and located in the odd field when even field lines are displayed). The answer was antialiasing the computed pixels over a larger solid angle that includes adjacent pixels. Thus, for the TI chip, the computed image will be somewhat less resolution than the instantaneous native display resolution times 2. However, static imagery may actually appear to be higher resolution than 4K, approaching 5432 pixels depending on the algorithm TI uses to convert video to their Wobbulating 2716 format.
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