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I noticed somewhere that the extra warranty for the AE3000 is for, "2 years or 2000 hours," and I was wondering if there is a similar clause on the standard warranty (i.e. number of hours). As my projector is the only TV in my house, my housemates and I could easily put 2000 hours of use on the unit in the first year, which makes the extra warranty not very useful to me. This will be my third LCD projectors, and the other two both developed image problems due to LCD deterioration around two years into their life. I really like the features of the AE3000 and I guess LCD deterioration is supposed to be less of a problem with inorganic LCDs, but I'd hate to spend this much money on a unit and have it go bad in a year or two. How many hours should current LCD projectors be expected to last before they need to have parts changed? Do DLP projectors have a longer life?

Thanks, Alec