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I was looking forward to receiving this screen as I had read many favorable reviews and the size, portability and price-point fit my needs perfectly. I have another portable(?) 85" screen, but it rolls up/down vertically, so the entire screen-width case makes it difficult to transport in my car (running the entire length and wedged up against the windshield). Upon un-packing and setting up the Duet screen (literally taking seconds), I immediately saw a wide (4-5 inches?), deep "crease" where the 2 case halves meet running vertically down the center. This is not to be confused with the slight curling at the top and bottom of the screen or the slight waves that I have seen in other reviews of this screen - those are defects I could live with. This crease is an obvious defect and is certainly visible with a projected image. I called Epson and they were surprised to hear of this issue, and sent me a new screen. It had the exact same problem. The customer service rep then opened 2 other screens at their office (to ensure they weren't sending me another defective one) and both of those screens had the same issue. So 4 screens in total had the issue. They told me my only option was to have my money refunded and that I could try purchasing the screen again in a few months time when they figured out what the problem was. I hope they get this problem solved, as I really would like one of these screens - just a smooth one. The design, build quality (other than the crease)and price are excellent.