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Lain, thanks for the question. This HDR thing is a matter of personal taste, so I would not pretend to make any definitive pronouncements. In my own personal experience, HDR looks fake, often to the point of distracting. It is worse on flat panels where dazzling extreme contrast just looks absurdly artificial. But even on projectors, HDR can take you mentally out of the movie experience and draw attention to itself. That is bad news. As an example, when viewing Bourne Supremacy in HDR, you see a series of dark, indoor scenes, then it switches to a snow-covered outdoor scene. The extreme sudden change in light level can be physically painful and make you squint. To me, this is not a good viewing experience. It disrupts the emotional engagement in the film and makes you think instead about HDR. It is a flaw, just like fan noise or rainbows--something that ends up distracting from the viewing experience. Obviously others have more appreciation for HDR than I do, which is fine. But to me it is another CE industry gimmick designed to move units. An excellent, well balanced SDR picture on a projector with solid contrast is more engaging, less technically distracting to me.