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Evan, thanks for your quick response. I still have an inexpensive 1080p projector but I do have a direct view TV with HDR and some limited HDR content. For movies (and I am doing this very unscientifically) I find the HDR effect anywhere from a very mild, barely noticeable improvement to problematic. For a very few nature type documentaries, the colors are a bit better. I guess going back to your comment about drawing you out of a movie where the pictures tell a story. For the documentaries, the picture IS the story and so it might make more sense there. But there is not enough of that to purchase that feature in a projector

You kinda commented on the brightness distraction. What about WCG. On movies, for me, I do not see or prefer the difference. On the few documentaries, those can be remarkably different (I do not know if they are more accurate, however). I would guess that the Rec 709 HDTV color space was chosen with some thought that it covers the majority of what we experience. Saturating those colors more with WCG will certainly generate a difference (maybe even night and day, as some are so fond of saying), but better?????