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BenQ PE5120 Video Projector

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BenQ PE5120 Projector BenQ PE5120
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
1100 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

The new BenQ PE5120 is BenQ's latest release for the home theater market. It just commenced shipments last month, and is currently selling at an official estimated street price of just $1,249. This is an impressive entry level projector for those that want to get into home theater but don't want to spend much doing it. It is also a simple, easy to use machine that is designed for those who don't want to mess with tweaks and calibrations. If you are new to home theater and want a good experience with your first projector, the PE5120 has a lot to offer for the money.

Product Overview

Specifications. 1100 ANSI lumens, 2000:1 contrast, 854x480 native resolution, native 16:9 aspect ratio, single-chip DLP with 5-segment (red/green/blue/clear/yellow), 2x wheel rotation speed.

Compatibility. HDTV 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i, and computer resolutions up to XGA (1024x768). NTSC, PAL, SECAM.

Lens and throw distance. Manual zoom and focus with a modest 1.2x zoom range. A 100" diagonal 16:9 image is obtained in the range of about 11.5 to 13.9 feet. There is no lens shift, but the unit has a bit more aggressive offset (projection angle) than is typical. If you ceiling mount it without tilting it downward, keeping the centerline of the lens perpendicular to the screen plane, the top edge of a 16:9 image will be located at about 1/3 the picture height below the centerline of the lens.

Lamp. 200W lamp with 2000-hour lamp life, extended to 3000 hours in eco-mode. Replacement lamp is $400 retail, which is typical for this class of product. (see article on replacement lamps).

Connection panel. Located on the rear of the unit. Video/data input connections include one DVI-I w/ HDCP, one 3-RCA component video, one S-video, and one composite video.

Warranty. Three years.

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