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TOP 10 Best Home Theater Projectors
under $10,000


If price is no object, check out the best home theater projectors under $10,000. These projectors are what our readers are looking at as some of the best overall price/performance values in home theater today. Many projectors in this group are 4K resolution or 4K-enabled, although there are some elegant models in Full HD 1080 resolution. 4K home theater projectors come in two resolution formats - UHD, which is 3840x2160, with an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1.78), and 4K DCI, which is 4096x2160. 4K DCI projectors have a slightly wider aspect ratio of 1.90 instead of 1.78.

The most expensive 4K home theater projectors use native 4K chips. However, the 4K DLP chip from Texas Instruments puts a full 3840x2160 array of pixels on the screen while having only half that many mirrors on the chip. Practically speaking there is no way to tell the difference between the picture from the 4K DLP chip and a native 4K projector. Meanwhile, Epson and JVC market 4K-enabled projectors that will accept 4K signals and display them using advanced video processing techniques and 1920x1080 chips. The result is a picture that is extremely close to native 4K performance at prices lower than you'll pay for a native 4K home theater projector. And most models from Epson and JVC have Lens Memory, a vital feature if you want to set up a Constant Image Height system on a Cinemascope 2.4:1 screen without an anamorphic lens.

To stay up to speed on all the latest 4K projectors, bookmark our 4K Projector Database search.

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