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TOP 10 Best Selling Home Theater Projectors
under $3000


If your projector budget is $1500 to $3000, great home theater awaits you. Contrast on these projectors is significantly higher than lower priced models, so the three-dimensionality of the picture is improved. And these projectors have a wider array of features than the entry level models. They tend to be larger and have lower fan noise. Some have Lens Memory, which lets you fit all video and film content onto a Cinemascope 2.4:1 super widescreen, regardless of its aspect ratio.

The hot ticket in home theater projectors is 4K resolution. Projectors using full native 4K imaging chips are still expensive and you will have to spend more than $3000 to get them. However, the new 4K DLP chip from Texas Instruments puts a full 3840x2160 array of pixels on the screen. Meanwhile, JVC and Epson market projectors that will accept native 4K resolution signals and apply advanced video processing techniques to display them using 1920x1080 chips. The result is a picture that is extremely close to native 4K performance at prices much lower than you'll pay for a native 4K home theater projector.

To stay on top of all of the latest developments in 4K projectors, bookmark our 4K Projector Database Search. This will show you all announced and shipping 4K and 4K-enabled projectors, including anticipated ship dates and prices to the extent they are known.

If your budget won't stretch to $3000, or if you want to spend more for the very best, see these Top 10 rankings:

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