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Black Box
Wireless Video Presentation System II
Wi-Fi VGA Presentation System

Bill Livolsi, December 6, 2010
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Wireless projection. As the name might imply, the big draw of the WVPS II is wireless video presentation. Connectivity can be a hassle with conference projectors. Even if the projector you want has the port you need, there's the physical act of running cable from the projector to the presenter's location and connecting the cable itself to the machine in question. This goes double for audio connections. The WVPS II eliminates the problem, even allowing people to present from their seats or the front of the room, rather than being forced to connect wherever the wires terminate.

The WVPS II works exactly as advertised. We took an inexpensive XGA laptop, connected the wireless, downloaded and installed the provided software, and had a picture on screen within five minutes--and that's initial setup time, without ever having used the device before. When you connect to the WVPS II's wireless network and open your browser, you are automatically redirected to a download page for the presentation software that's built into the device itself. It's all very intuitive. The software installs quickly--maybe thirty seconds--and then it's off to the races. The software prompts for a code, displayed in the projected image, to ensure no one is trying to hijack your presentation. Once you input this code, your screen image is projected. That's it. Compared to some of the wireless presentation software we have used over the past few years, this implementation is rather simple.

Easy conferencing. With no wires, it becomes trivial to connect multiple computers to the same projector simultaneously--just have them all join the WVPS II's wireless network and you're all set. One conference participant can, using the WVPS II's administration tools, act as a virtual emcee, controlling whose presentation takes the screen at any one time. Moreover, one can share the screen four ways, if so desired.

If you've ever tried to run a conference with multiple presenters back to back, you already know it can be rough. One either has to load all of the presentations on to a common computer with all of the requisite software or wait between presenters as connections are unmade and made anew. Either way, the switching can disrupt the flow of a meeting and take up valuable time--and heavens forbid someone uses a different version of PowerPoint or wants to play a movie that is incompatible with your system. The WVPS II is an elegant solution to a complicated problem. And, since presenters can download and install the software while their colleagues are presenting, there is zero down time.

Browser-based administration. If you are not presenting but wish to control who is, you don't even need to install the software. Simply connect to the wireless network and use the Conference Control menu option in your browser. Conference Control allows you to decide who has control of the screen and when they have control of it. It also provides a list of everyone connected to the WVPS II, so you can see who is having problems getting started.

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Praveen venkataraman Posted Mar 15, 2011 6:00 AM PST
I like to use this Black Box WVPS II equipment for one of my Audio visual project. please let me know where can i source this.
Aslam Sher Posted Sep 1, 2011 11:03 PM PST
I like to use this Black Box WVPS II equipment for one of my Audio visual project. please let me know where can i source this.
Peter Posted Dec 29, 2011 3:47 PM PST
I cannot get this system to connect to my IPhone Any solutions?
Garrett Swindell Posted Apr 16, 2012 11:00 AM PST
Peter - In order to use your iPhone with the Black Box WPS unit, you need to go to your APP store and download the APP called MobiShow. This is a third party application which will allow you to share PPT, images and videos from your iPhone to the WPS system. At this time there is no way to share your iPhone screen on the Black Box WPS unit as we need root access to the mobile device, in which case Apple does not grant us. If you use an Android mobile device, you can download the app MirrorOP Sender from the APP store to share your Android screen on the Black Box WPS unit. I hope this helps.

If you are looking to source this device for an application or project, Black Box can sell direct. You can go to the website and type in the part number of AC1132A in the search tool to begin the process.
charlie sanders Posted Jul 10, 2012 2:08 PM PST
Maybe I missed it but is there an android app for this?
colin Posted Apr 13, 2016 12:28 AM PST
Black box has video conferencing apps? No doubt Blackbox will clutter the use of cables for giving presentations but its lacking in some areas. Why to download an app for iphone when there is a option of Airplay.

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