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Boxlight TraveLight2 Projector Boxlight TraveLight2
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
2100 Lumens
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Boxlight TraveLight2
Micro-Portable XGA Projector

Bill Livolsi, May 24, 2007


The Boxlight TraveLight2 is a tiny projector by any standard. At only 2.3" high by 7" wide by 6.4" deep, the TraveLight2 is the smallest 2000 lumen XGA projector on the market in terms of overall volume. For portability, it's hard to beat; it is small enough to store in a medium-sized laptop case along with your laptop, or in the included soft-shell carrying case.

The TraveLight2 comes within a half pound of the lightest XGA projector on the market as well. Projectors that weigh twice as much as the TraveLight2 are still considered portable. At 2.5lbs, its weight is almost trivial.

The connection panel is simplicity itself. Boxlight has combined composite and s-video into one small jack, and as such the connection panel's only full-sized port is DVI. A VGA to DVI conversion cable is included in the box, as are composite to minijack, s-video to minijack, and USB to miniUSB for computer control.

The TraveLight2 has a fixed throw offset of 17% of the image height. So, for a 60" diagonal image, the bottom edge of the picture will be projected 10.2" above the centerline of the lens. This is helpful for low conference tables, since screens are often mounted higher than the table's surface. If your situation requires that the picture be displayed higher up on the wall, you will need to tilt the projector and apply keystone correction.

Vertical keystone correction is manually adjusted up to 15 degrees in either direction. As with many projectors, applying keystone causes text to appear bolded. While this is not likely to cause problems with legibility, it may pose a problem when combined with other factors such as scaling of non-native signals.

The TraveLight2 connection panel

The remote control feels large for a projector of this size, but with that size comes functionality. The power on/off button is top dead center. Below that are controls for your computer when connected via USB, including arrow keys, enter/return, and page up/page down. Below these are menu controls as well as keystone and volume adjustments. At the bottom lies a grid of buttons for advanced functions such as a display of the projector's status, mute, source selection, blank screen, freeze-frame, and digital zoom. To top it all off, there is a laser pointer which is activated via a large red button at the top right of the remote. The bottom grid of buttons can get confusing, but they are labeled clearly and the learning curve is not steep.

The menu system is laid out in categories, with tabs at the top of the screen for different adjustments. There are no preset image modes, which means more time spent in the menu system when changing applications or presentation environments. There is an unusually comprehensive "User Color" control, which has adjustments for red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow. There are also adjustments for gamma and color temperature. The menu system is fairly complex for a portable projector, and adjusting the image to your liking is fairly simple -- it just can't be done in one button press.

Despite its small size and bright lamp, the TraveLight2 is a relatively quiet projector. By no means is it as quiet as a home theater projector, but it is low in audible noise compared to other business models in the same class. Part of this is due to the low, steady pitch of the fan noise. If the projector is more than two feet away from your audience, audible noise should not be a cause for concern.

The lamp has a lifespan of 4000 to 5000 hours, and replacement lamps cost $399. This makes the cost per hour of operation somewhere between 10 and 8 cents, assuming that the lamp maintains integrity for the full stated life. The projector's warranty includes a 120 day or 500 hour lamp warranty, to help ease the worries of an early lamp blowout.

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