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Did you know that almost all DVD players convert the pristine digital info on a DVD to analog before outputting to your projector or TV? That's because most projectors and TVs can only take video signals in analog format. Unfortunately, the conversion from digital to analog adds some noise to the signal, and you end up with a picture of less quality than you'd get otherwise.

You can avoid the problem with DVI (Digital Visual Interface). New projectors that have DVI input will take a video signal in digital format as well as analog. With a projector like this, all you need for the best possible DVD picture is a DVD player that outputs DVI.

DVI-enabled DVD players are rare. But we've had great results with the Bravo D1 DVD player from V, Inc. We use it in our test lab all the time. The Bravo D1 eliminates the digital-to-analog conversion noise, so the picture is as clean and stable as it can get. The Bravo D1 is an ideal match for any projector that has DVI with contrast and brightness controls (some of the earlier DVI-enabled projectors do not have these adjustments).

We ran a highly successful promotion of the Bravo D1 last quarter, and we've decided to offer it again. The Bravo D1 retails at only $199, but we've arranged for you to get an additional 10% discount for a limited time.

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