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Brilens LS1280 Projector Brilens LS1280
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50000:1 Contrast Ratio
3800 Lumens
PC 3D Ready
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Brilens Technology LS1280
Laser/LED Hybrid Portable Projector

Evan Powell, February 27, 2015

Performance Measurements

Brightness. Our test sample measured 750 lumens in Dynamic and Standard mode, and 657 in Movie mode. This is far below the 3800 lumen spec. In this regard it is reminiscent of the other Chinese products we saw last summer, which all measured even farther below their lumen specs than this one does. One begins to suspect that they may have a different understanding of ANSI lumens in China than we have here in the USA.

As far as image brightness goes, there are two differences between the LS1280 and the cheaper Chinese offerings. First, the LS1280 is very high in contrast and saturation, so it actually looks a little bit brighter than the meter says it should. Second, even 750 lumens is substantially brighter than the other units we saw, and this amount of light is sufficient to fill a 100" or even a 120" screen in a dark room. So in short the LS1280 can be used for engaging, watchable, large format video display. The same cannot be said of the cheaper competition.

The LS1280 has three lumen output modes under a function called "lightbrightness." The brightest of the three is "Text," which is the mode that generated 750 lumens. The second brightest is "Image" (reducing lumen output by 16%), and the third is "Saving"(reduces lumen output by 56%).

Brightness Uniformity. Our test unit measured 88%, which is excellent for an inexpensive DLP projector.

Color Uniformity. A white field test pattern is not neutral white from edge to edge, but shows a greenish bias on the left and a pinkish bias on the right. On occasions, if you are looking for it, these color biases can appear as subtle shifts in tone in the video image, but for the most part the color saturation and contrast are adequate to mask the errors. If you were to use this projector for the display of text documents and financial spreadsheets, the color shift would be visible.

Input lag. The LS1280 measured 33 ms lag, which is common for many DLP projectors and sufficiently fast for most video gaming use. Serious gamers will want to look for faster projectors, but there are not that many out there to choose from.

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Alaskan Posted Mar 17, 2015 12:02 PM PST
I would love to know more about the laser diode assembly inside. I've been able to glean that the color of the laser(s) is green, the power either 10 or 40 watts but nothing more. Can you confirm the laser output power and the type of module they use? Is it an array of individual laser diodes or something else?

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