Internal Training at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Relies on the REALiS SX50 Multimedia Projector for Clarity, Detail, Brightness, and Portability

Law enforcement in the city famous for gambling takes no chances when it comes to providing superior video projection for its internal training needs. According to David Phillips, Criminalistics Bureau Photo Supervisor for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), this means using the Canon REALiS SX50 Multimedia Projector, which outputs high-resolution SXGA+ image quality at a brightness of 2,500 ANSI Lumens and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The REALiS SX50 provides crisp display of text, computer graphics, digital still photos, and full-motion high- or standard-definition video thanks to its use of next-generation LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) imagers in combination with Canon's patented AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) technology, and a high-performance Canon 1.7x Ultra-Wide Angle Lens that can project a 100-inch image from a distance of just 9.8 feet.

"We selected the REALiS SX50 Multimedia Projector because we've had such good results with our Canon cameras," Phillips said. "I figured that that quality and technology would carry over to Canon's projectors, and the REALiS SX50 didn't disappoint us. Its optics are exceptional and definitely consistent with the cameras. Plus, Canon has always been outstanding on the post-sales service as well, and has created a great deal of consumer confidence for us."

Detail and Brightness

"We're training our officers on a wide variety of important tasks," Phillips stated. "This ranges from simple things like the basic functions of a camera to more complex matters, such as how to document a crime scene. Regarding crime scenes, we cover everything from domestic violence cases-where we train our personnel on how to capture close-up image of bumps, bruises, scratches, and things of that nature-to complicated shootings and homicide scenes. We also cover basic documentation and crime scene examination, where detail is critical to our analysis."

In addition to the clarity and detail provided by the REALiS SX50, superior Canon optics and high brightness were also crucial features for the LVMPD's presentation needs, Phillips explained. He adds that the projector's 8.6 lb. portability is also a plus, given that he frequently is called upon to set it up in different locations such as police substations and briefing rooms, where usage and ambient lighting conditions can vary.

"Great optics were our most important requirement, which is why we selected this LCOS projector," Phillips elaborated, "but brightness was also critical. We use the projector in two main ways. We hook it up to a laptop, which is how we play our PowerPoint presentations, and we also plug it into a video camera so we can have the equivalent of an overhead projector. That enables us to do step-by-step training on the menu functions of digital still cameras. The reason we wanted the brightest LCOS in its class is because in situations where we're actually training, we need to leave the overhead lights on. That's because during training our personnel are actually handling cameras, so we can't make the room so dark that they can't see what they're doing. It was very important to us to have a projector that can really put out some serious light and not require a totally darkened room for its use."


The REALiS SX50 is designed for classrooms, boardrooms, and all other mission-critical professional environments that demand crisp, precise image-projection quality. The REALiS SX50's 1400 x 1050 SXGA+ resolution output displays even the smallest text on spreadsheets and PowerPoints with full clarity and readability. The REALiS SX50 also displays computer graphics, digital still photos, and full-motion 720p high-definition video with brilliant detail and vibrant color.

The REALiS SX50 features Multiple Image Modes that provide a wide range of display settings, depending on user needs. These Image Modes include four Color-Preset Modes, which are designated as Standard, Presentation, sRGB, and Cinema. Additional Image Modes include: Dynamic Gamma Correction for optimum contrast balance; Six-Axis Color Adjustment to fine-tune tone and contrast adjustments on both RGB and CMY color axes; a Greenboard Mode to adjust colors for optimal display on green chalkboards; and Memory Color Correction for photo display of colors based on subjective human recollection.

"Since the projector is portable and every LVMPD area command is a little bit different and isn't always the most optimum place to set up in, we generally project onto a white board or, if we're lucky enough, a projector screen," Phillips said. "But the REALiS SX50 shows exceptional results even when the image is displayed up on a wall and not a real screen."

The REALiS SX50 also includes multiple input jacks and connectors, and can accept a wide variety of digital and analog computer display formats. Inputs include DVI video and all major component, composite, and S-video inputs. All connectors attach from the side of the projector housing for convenient cable placement.

"It's basically a plug-and-play type of projector," Phillips commented, regarding the REALiS SX50's intuitive menus for quick access to display settings, image adjustments, and system settings. "It's very simple to connect up, simple to jump through outputs, and it's never failed. I can walk into an area command and have the thing set up in three minutes. In short, the REALiS SX50 is spectacular and we're very satisfied with it."

Courtesy of Canon

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