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Canon REALiS WUX6000 Projector Canon REALiS WUX6000
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2000:1 Contrast Ratio
6000 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Canon REALiS WUX6000
1920x1200, 6000 Lumens

Allan Abbott, March 10, 2015

Key Features

Lens Choices.Canon's reputation for quality lenses is well known, and the optional lenses for the WUX6000 are consistent with that reputation. The Standard Zoom Lens has a 1.5:1 zoom ratio and a throw ratio from 1.49-2.24. The Long Focus Zoom Lens has a slightly higher zoom ratio (1.7:1) and larger throw ratio (2.19-3.74), and the Ultra Long Focus Zoom Lens has a large zoom ratio (1.95:1) and throw ratio (3.55-6.94). In addition to these zoom lenses, Canon also offers a Short Focus Zoom Lens with a 1.5:1 zoom ratio and unique throw ratio of 1.00-1.50:1, and an Ultra Wide Angle Lens with a fixed throw ratio of 0.80:1. This selection of lenses provides all the flexibility you will need to handle most installation requirements.

Image Positioning Convenience. Like most medium-size venue projectors, the WUX6000 has keystone correction and lens shift capability. No matter how careful you are with your installation, you will need some fine tuning for image position, and the WUX6000 has everything you need to position the image exactly on the screen. The real advantage offered by the WUX60000 is its powered zoom, focus, and lens shift. Without endangering life or limb, you can set any of those parameters by pushing a button on the remote control.

Size and Weight. At 19.7 pounds including the standard zoom lens and dimensions of 6.7"x15.0"x16.9", the WUX6000 is easier to get mounted than any of its competitors. When trying to attach a projector to an extension tube or a wall mount, it is true that size matters and the smaller the better. A ceiling mount for the WUX6000 can be purchased for $999.

Cost. Compared to its contemporaries, the WUX6000 is less expensive regardless of which optional powered zoom lens is chosen. And as usual, it pays to shop around: one vendor currently offers the WUX6000 and includes the standard powered zoom lens for a total of $3,995 which is more than $1,000 under than the nearest competitor's price for projector and standard lens.

4-Point Keystone Correction. Virtually all projectors have vertical and horizontal keystone correction, but the WUX60000 goes one step further and offers 4-point keystone correction, allowing you to adjust all four corners independently for those times when the projection surface is not flat. Four simple button activations correct nicely for image corner distortion.

No Rainbow Artifacts. Since it is a three-panel design, the WUX6000 is not subject to the rainbow artifacts that bother some viewers of DLP-based projector images.

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