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Casio XJ-S35
Portable XGA Projector

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Casio XJ-S35 Projector Casio XJ-S35
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1800:1 Contrast Ratio
2000 Lumens
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Imagine a 2,000 lumen XGA projector with a 2x powered zoom that is less than two inches tall -- barely thicker than a laptop computer. Wishful thinking, right? Think again, because Casio has been shipping this little gem since August. The XJ-S35 is one of the thinnest projectors ever made, designed to fit inside your existing laptop case. If you make presentations on the road and desire the ultimate in portability, don't fail to check this one out.


ANSI lumens: 2000

Contrast: 1800:1

Light Engine: 1024x768, native 4:3, 1x 0.55" DLP with a 200W Mercury lamp

Video Compatibility: 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p. NTSC/PAL/SECAM.

Data Compatibility: Computer resolutions up to SXGA.

Connection Panel: Composite Video, one USB port, one 15-pin VGA port, Kensington lock.

Lens and Throw Distance: 2.0:1 powered zoom/focus lens. Throws a 100" diagonal 4:3 image from 9.2' to 19.2'

Lamp Life: Not specified.

Warranty: 3 years.

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