December 1, 1999


The mobile presenter market is the hottest niche in the digital projector industry. Vendors  have been hard at work to reduce the size, weight, and cost of projectors, and increase their light output at the same time.

Lightweight projectors for the mobile presentation market fall into two categories of resolution-SVGA (800 x 600), and XGA (1,024 x 768). This report focuses on the twenty smallest and lightest SVGA products. A similar report examining the smallest and lightest XGA products will be published shortly.

SVGA projectors are excellent for most sales and training presentations in which there are not a lot of small details in the material presented. Images that consist of bar graphs, pie charts, bullet items, and so forth are presented very effectively on SVGA machines. The big advantage of SVGA projectors, as a class, is that they are much less expensive than their XGA counterparts.

As of December 1, 1999, the twenty lightest and smallest SVGA machines that are either announced and scheduled to commence shipping or currently in production are the following:

Model ANSI Lumens Weight (lbs.)
Lightware Scout 2000 500 4.8
Lightware Scout 500 5.3
Dukane ImagePro 7700 500 5.3
NEC MultiSync LT84 700 5.5
Plus U2-870 700 5.6
Epson Powerlite 500c 800 5.8
Sony VPL-CS1 600 6.4
Infocus LP400 700 6.8
Boxlight CD-40m 700 6.8
Mitsubishi S50 1100 7.0
InFocus LP425z 900 7.4
Kodak DP900 900 7.4
Boxlight CD-450m 900 7.4
Toshiba TLP-450 1000 7.9
Proxima SV1 700 8.1
Proxima LS1 700 8.4
Sanyo SU10N 600 8.6
Boxlight CP-10t 600 8.6
Sanyo SU07N 700 8.6
Eiki LC-NB1UW 700 8.6

The Originals and the Private Labels

Within this list of twenty products, there are actually twelve unique projector products. Each of the remaining eight are one of the twelve being remarketed under a different label. The original manufacturers that have set up private label remarketing agreements are these:

  1. The Lightware Scout is manufactured by Lightware and is also marketed by Dukane as the ImagePro 7700.
  1. The Plus U2-870 is manufactured by Plus. NEC remarkets this product with its own electronics as the Multisync LT84.
  1. The InFocus LP400 is manufactured by InFocus, and is private labeled by Boxlight as the CD-40m.
  1. The InFocus LP425z is manufactured by InFocus. It also available under two other labels, the Kodak DP900, and the Boxlight CD-450m.
  1. The Sanyo PLC-SU10N is manufactured by Sanyo. It is also sold by Boxlight as the CP-10t.
  1. The Sanyo PLC-SU07N is manufactured by Sanyo, and is remarketed by Proxima as the LS1, and by Eiki as the LC-NB1UW.