Ultraportable projectors with native XGA resolution are among the hottest products on the scene today. Technology is advancing rapidly. Products are getting brighter, smaller and less expensive on a monthly basis.

This report covers the twenty smallest native XGA resolution models on the market. If you are about to buy, get familiar with the Buying Issues, then check through each of the Product Overviews and Recommendations.

Buying Issues:

ANSI Lumen Ratings     Resolution     Weight     Size

Zoom Lenses     LCD vs. DLP     Lamp Wattage     Lamp Life

Manufacturers and Remarketers     MSRP and Street Prices

Product Overviews and Recommendations:

Compaq MP-1600          Davis DP-X16

InFocus LP330    Kodak DP2000    Boxlight XD-5m    Toshiba TDP-B1

Plus U2-1080   NEC MultiSync LT140   Panasonic PT-D7

Epson 700c & 710c          Mitsubishi X50 & X70

InFocus 435z   Kodak DP1100   Boxlight CD-550m

Sharp Notevision 7        Toshiba TLP-650

Proxima Ultralight LX1        Sony VPL-PX1