The Twenty Smallest Portable XGA Projectors

Original Manufacturers and Remarketers

The twenty smallest XGA projectors consist of two types, (1) those that are marketed under a single label, and (2) those that have appeared under more than one label from different suppliers. In the projector industry, manufacturers frequently establish private labeling agreements with other companies to extend market penetration of selected models.

In the traditional Professional A\V dealer distribution channel, private labeling works to the advantage of the manufacturer by extending the number of dealers that handle the product. However on the Internet private labeling works to the benefit of the buyer, since the buyer can easily discover the various sources for a given product, and negotiate the best possible price/service deal accordingly.

In this collection of twenty products, those that have appeared thus far under one label only are the Compaq MP1600, the Davis DP-X16, the Epson 700c & 710c, the Sharp Notevision 7, the Mitsubishi X50 & X70, the Toshiba TLP-650, the Proxima LX1, and the Sony PX1.

The private labeled units in this group of twenty include the following:

The InFocus LP330 is also marketed as the Kodak DP2000, the Boxlight XD-5m, and the Toshiba TDP-B1.

The InFocus 435z is also marketed as the Kodak DP1100 and the Boxlight CD-550m.

The Plus U2-1080 is also marketed as the NEC Multisync LT140 and the Panasonic PT-D7.

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