CES 2009: Microvision SHOW WX Pico Projector Display Technology

We got a very brief look at the Microvision SHOW WX pico projector technology when we stopped at their booth at CES 2009. We caught a demo in progress and were able to see their laser light source at work.

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Microvision SHOW WX Photos:

Microvision SHOW WX Microvision SHOW WX


Q: What is SHOW WX?

A: SHOW WX is the code name for a full-color laser based pico projector from Microvision.

The product will be launched under another brand name.

WX stands for "wide experience", referring to the wide image format, wide color range and wide always in-focus operation.

Q: What are the key benefits & features?

A: SHOW WX Features:

* Plug and play with no setup required.

* Sleek and small, about the size of a personal media player.

* Image is always in focus.

* Projects images of any size, from 6 inches or less to 100 inches or more.

* Wide projection angle allows the image to be closer to the user.

* High-resolution (WVGA) and 16:9 format.

* Laser light source produce lifelike, vivid colors with exceptional contrast.

* Movie-capable battery.

Q: What will the price be?

A: Final retail pricing has not been released but is expected to be between $400 - $500 U.S., depending upon final configuration.

Q: What type of content will I be able to project?

A: Photos, movies, TV shows, music videos, YouTube, podcast, or presentations.

Q: What about sound?

A: This pre-production device has an audio port for ear buds or external speakers.

Q: How bright is the projected image?

A: Approximately 10 lumens but how bright a projected image appears to the user depends on ambient lighting, distance to projection surface and the projection technology.

Q: What is your PicoP display engine inside the projector?

A: Microvision has invented an ultra-miniature scanning laser based projection display engine, called the PicoP display engine. PicoP is an ultra-miniature projector capable of producing large, high contrast, color rich, high resolution images. PicoP is small and low-power enough to be embedded directly into mobile devices, such as cell phones.

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Ryan Posted Jan 18, 2009 10:25 AM PST
Thanks for covering this. Looking forward a full review! :)

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