Christie LX33 in boardroom at AmeriCredit

Steps away from AmeriCredit's command center is a corporate boardroom. With a large window facing the control room there is an excellent view of the technology driving AmeriCredit. The boardroom is a standalone room and is used regularly for meetings and public tours. The Whitlock Group was responsible for furnishing it as well.

There's a large oval table in the center of the room where people can watch the activity in the control room. Or they can watch a presentation projected onto a large 60 x 80 inch Da-Lite screen that is electrically retractable into the ceiling. The projector, a Christie LX33, is also mounted on an electrically retractable device so, when not in use, it can also be hidden from view in the ceiling.

The boardroom and control room are considered marketing showpieces. Analysts, customers and investors are regularly brought in to see the impressive command center. It's become a very valuable tool for AmeriCredit in terms of providing a more effective environment to monitor the status of their network and demonstrating that the company is on the leading edge of providing excellent customer service through technological innovation.

Courtesy of Christie Digital Systems, Inc.

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