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Christie LWU420 WUXGA LCD Business Projector

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Christie LWU420 Projector Christie LWU420
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Street Price: n/a
Weight: 15.8 lbs
Aspect Ratio:16:10
Lens:2x manual
Lens Shift:H + V
Lamp Life:2,000 Hrs
3,000 (eco)
Lamp Cost:n/a
Warranty:3 year
Connectors:  S-Video, Composite, Component, RGB In, VGA In, HDMI 1.3, Network
Video Formats:  480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 576i, 576p

There are plenty of small, light projectors out there for mobile presentation use, and there are likewise plenty of bright, high-resolution projectors for large-venue installation. Sometimes, though, you need something in between. That's where the Christie LWU420 comes in. This WUXGA (that's 1920x1200) projector has some of the features of large-venue machine, such as a long-throw 2.0:1 lens with manual lens shift, and a cornucopia of connections ranging from humble composite video to HDMI and RJ-45 wired networking. But it is also portable (or at least luggable), weighing only sixteen pounds and featuring a sturdy carry handle. If you need a high-resolution, bright, flexible projector that travels well, the LWU420 is a great choice.

Applications / Best Uses

The LWU420 is the ideal projector for the presenter who needs more power and resolution than the typical mobile projector can provide. Presenters with high-resolution material might be dissatisfied with the performance of lower-res 1280x800 projectors, which will compress higher-res material with a loss of precise detail. Others might not care for the screen size limitations placed on them by smaller projectors with limited lens ranges. Rather than compromise on one or both of these factors, presenters could invest in a projector like the LWU420.

The image created by the LWU420 is bright, sharp, and high in contrast. The high native resolution makes high-resolution photographs positively sparkle with detail, and edge-to-edge sharpness is impeccable. Color in Normal and Cinema modes is life-like and vibrant; Cinema has a stronger warm cast than Normal and is more appropriate for film.

The LWU420 is a serious projector, and those displaying Powerpoint presentations or spreadsheets will likely not need the high resolution and brightness offered by this projector. For a very specific subset of presenters, though, having a portable package that acts like a large venue machine is invaluable.

Thanks to the flexible zoom lens, the LWU420 has a wide range of viable throw distances for a given diagonal size. For a 120" diagonal image (or 63" height by 105" width), the LWU420 can be placed anywhere between 12' 7" and 25' 2" from the screen. With the LWU420's lumen output a larger image is certainly possible; a 150" diagonal image can be projected from 15' 9" and 31' 5". However, given the limited space available in many conference rooms, it might be difficult to give the projector enough room to work.

The lens shift range is relatively small, and the projected image can be placed such that the projected image appears completely above the lens centerline or two-thirds below it. Lensing like this is ideal for a rear shelf mount due to the limited vertical shift range. A ceiling mount is workable though many instances will require the use of a drop tube.

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