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Classroom Projector Buyer's Guide - Security

There are a lot of ways to minimize the chance of having your projector stolen; however, many of these methods assume that the thief has some knowledge of the theft deterrents and; therefore, will avoid stealing a projector that has such features. Unfortunately, thieves are not always as bright as your projector. If your projector allows you to enter a security code before it can be turned on, a common feature on most projectors, this may well prevent a thief from using the projector, but it will do little to prevent it from being stolen. Removable control panels also prevent use, but unfortunately not theft. So if you have such projectors with these features, you would do well to advertise it.

Just about every projector made supports a Kensington lock feature. Projectors with this feature have a small, metal reinforced hole somewhere on the case of the projector that allows you to attach a cable lock to secure the projector to a larger more secure object. While this is a deterrent to the opportunistic thief, it is not likely to slowdown the professional who will come prepared to cut the cable.

Perhaps one of the more creative solutions to theft prevention was first introduced in the

UK Orange Education Projector
United Kingdom in 2005 when the theft of school projectors was rampant. Since the thieves were reselling the equipment to local pubs and businesses, a British educational agency suggested that they buy bright orange projectors and promote the fact that orange projectors are school projectors. That, together with a forensic marking to identify the property, caused a dramatic drop in projector theft.

If you're mounting your projector on the ceiling, consider using a secure mounting device that can make it difficult to remove without the proper tools. If you're sharing equipment using an A/V cart, consider using your Kensington lock to secure the projector to the cart. It will not stop a determined thief, but it will significantly reduce the risk of loss through opportunity.

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