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Problem-Solving Projectors Under $1000

Who Needs a Screen?
XGA with Blackboard Mode
Lesson, Laptop, LAN
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Quiet Please!
2,000+ lumens under 30dB

ViewSonic PS600X Optoma GT1080HDR

Classroom Projector Reviews

Sony VPL-PHZ60 Laser Projector Review

The Sony VPL-PHZ60 is a compact and inexpensive projector that outputs 6,000 ANSI lumens and is a great option for lecture halls, houses of worship, and conference spaces that don't have a lot to spend.

Case Studies: Projectors at Schools

Panasonic Brings Immersive Education to Texas A&M University

Texas A&M called on Panasonic to keep students engaged and immersed in learning while limiting disruptions to classes. Thanks to the PT-RZ12KU and PT-FRZ50U DLP laser projectors, teachers and students have a unified experience with no downtime.
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