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ViewSonic PA503X Optoma HD146X

Classroom Projector Reviews

Epson BrightLink 1485Fi Interactive UST Laser Projector Review

Epson's new flagship UST classroom projector delivers a wealth of sophisticated features in one bright, laser-driven package.

NEC NP-MC382W Projector Review

With its attractive $560 price tag, 3,800 lumens of brightness, and a 15,000-hour long-life lamp, the MC382W is a great choice for classrooms.

Casio XJ-S400UN Hybrid Laser/LED DLP Projector

With its hybrid laser/LED light engine, Casio's XJ-S400UN combines a bright, 4,000-lumen image and classroom-friendly sharing tools in a cost-effective package.

Articles: Topics for Educators

3D Classroom Projectors

This whitepaper presents data that shows 3D, when used as a teaching tool in classrooms, has a widespread positive impact on how students learn.

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HDMI issues after a break?

My projector reads my computer/HDMI when I first set it up in the mornings. I turn off both the projector and laptop for our lunch break. When I restart everything, it takes several tries and on/off's to get the two to talk with each other again. T... more
LG Electronics