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Interactive Projectors and Interactive Legos

It was interesting getting a chance to peek into the world of depth cameras and computer vision algorithms and see how scientists are combining them with interactive projection to create a whole new way to play with Legos.

Watching this reminded me of many years back when I tried to enhance my son's matchbox car experience by purchasing a mat for his room that featured a complete city with roads and buildings and parking stalls. I thought it was a fantastic idea. He rolled it up, stuffed it under the bed and continued to build his own parking garage out of an overturned shoe box and made simulated mountain roads with the wrinkles of an old beanbag chair.

In short, grown-ups will find the technology featured in this video fascinating. In fact, I can think of myriad applications for which these advances could be downright exciting. However, I'm very certain that little kids will feel that no amount of visual enhancement or interactivity will ever beat the images and props created by that wonderful uncluttered space in their own heads.